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30 September 2010


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How did you know of my deep deep love for surveys and random questions? Wonderful. I'm doing it. Love your answers too, I'm obsessed with wanting to go to Buenos Aires! Maybe next January...

Oh good! I almost didnt ask you because I thought you'd be too cool for this sort of thing.

I will be onto your questions after giving them some deep thought! ha ha!
Hmm, Yum! Hot Chips... If I was given a choice for one last meal it would be hot chips...

I love reading randoms facts which show such insight. Tis fascinating.

Oo thanks for tagging me! I'll be onto your questions soon too!

Gosh I change the colour of my nails, once even twice a week!
Thanks for tagging me, I will answer the questions tonight.

ooh I love Florence and the Machine. It sucks that you didn't get to see her - she was amaazing live!
Thanks for tagging me, I'm getting onto the questions now!

Oh thanks for the tag. Will try to be a good blogger and get this up on the blog. Otherwise feel free to pester me and I'll shoot back over here and answer them.

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