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11 July 2011


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Very cute!

Those purple overalls are awesome. I almost kind of wish they came in my size.

Also love the purple overalls. The coloured details remind me of an orange pair my mum used to dress me in. Know what you mean about pastel clothing...drives me a bit nuts too!

we are in love with overalls and they are INCREDIBLE. yes, boo to pastel coloured baby clothes. as well as gender specific colours!!!

So cute! I especially love the purple jump suit - gorgeous!

Thank you for your lovely comment on our wedding photos. We are just so happy with how everything came together :-).

Sal x

Adorable. If you like that I recommend: http://www.babygoesretro.com.au/

Not the cheapest but they do have sales items and it's all in aussie $$$.

All very very cute!
Love the little overalls!!!
Off to check out that site now too!!! and the one that Jess has posted above too.

love the overalls - they kinds look vintage! so cute... xx

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