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28 February 2013


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I'm really excited for you!
Good move with the second hand pram, ours has been good and much better than wasting $ on a new one, even if I would have loved a Stokke. Two out of our three will be sharing a room soon (Eve is still in with us). I was going to put the older two together but after the last few nights of Eve running in to Tarrant at bedtime I am thinking that might be the way to go.

So exciting!! Can't wait to finally meet you.

My sister & I shared for ages to & I think Logan will be as well!

I shared with my brother until I was eight, and then I shared with both of my sisters until I was 15. We are super close and I'm sure those nights of storytelling and silly singing have a lot to do with it.

Bay is looking more and more like you now! I"m not going to bother with a double pram as Lily is older and loves walking. We might get one of those simple seats you can get to attach it to the pram.

I'm also planning on getting Lily to share a room with Baby #2. Firstly her room is HUGE and secondly (like you) I remember sharing a room until I was 17 with my sister! Are kids nowadays so used to having their own room? I think even when our new house is built I would still get Lily to share for a few years at least.

Bay looks very excited and she will be even more so when there is a real baby behind her!

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