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30 July 2010


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Happy Birthday to the Mister!

I am trying to decide on a present at the moment, and am running out of time. Eep.

That lion is awesome.

Happy Birthday to your Mister!
"My Darling Husband" had his birthday last weekend and I wrote exactly the same!

To My Darling Husband,
Love your Amazing Wifey!

Hope his birthday doesn't suck too much. I think it should be a mandatory leave day, noone should have to work on their birthday.
Great card.

Happy birthday to the Mister!

Getting to sign your card "your loving Wifey" is very exciting, I can't wait to be able to do the same :)

Aww this is sweet, I hope he knows you've blogged about him.

Hmmm this looks suspiciously like the town I also live in...Could we possibly live in the same town?

JW- It starts with N and rhymes with "pooman"!!!

Hahaha we ARE neighbours!! It's a small small world!!

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