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29 September 2010


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Love the maxi! Is it ok to buy a maternity dress even though we arent going to try for another 8 months haha!

You're gonna be one hawt baby mumma... enjoy!

I heart asos!

You will look fabulous!

Love the maxi! Wonder if they have that non maternity?
I have a beach wedding in a few weeks and still dont know what I'm going to wear...

You're featured on Polka Dot Bride today!!!

It does look good! Quite basic and chic and it must feel good to get brand new clothes.

Love your pics! Very chic

That should have been picks - but I have brain freeze today

I am loving that maxi! Found that they have it in non-maternity last week. Went back today and its gone :-(
must not have it anymore. Damn. Would have been prefect for the wedding I have in a few weeks.

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