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28 October 2010


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cute pics! Although I am fairly certain that no matter how much you might feel like it, you do not look like an elephant :p

Love these photos - bought a smile to my face. Know exactly how you feel. In my 7th month now and feel like I could give birth now given my size

Gave me a great smile. Just what I needed. Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I'm a bit better today. Just really frustrated.
Can't believe its already in the high 30's where you are! wow! I dont think I could cope pregnant or not.
Take care of yourself, and I'm sure you dont look like a 'hefalump' (what I called elephants when I was little) but I suppose being told that doesnt really help.
Can't be long to go now!!! What is your due date?

Hehe! What cute pics :)

super cute!
I wish it would be hot in London right now...though I don't think its easy to stand the heat when you are pregnant.

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