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30 November 2010


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The look is great.
I think if you know exactly what you want and bring a picture (!) they will do it.
I am always doing my hair myself but for this look you better see a professional.

Good luck!
Can't wait to see the result.

PS the OZ holiday is gonna happen!
I am so excited.

I really love that colour.
You might be pleasantly surprised by the local hairdresser. But then the one in Perth sounds really relaxing.

Most of my local hairdressers are crappy. It has taken me two years to find one I like, and I can't take proper advantage of it because my hair is in the growing out, looking like a member of Blur phase. Go to your local and see what they do - if the results are hideous, please post pics!

DD, as a local I can advise a big HELL NO to the local hairdresser!!! There are a couple who work from home who are great. Can give you some names and #'s if you like.

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