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10 December 2010


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How exciting! I think all of your feelings are normal though ... enjoy your time with your family and good luck with everything!

Have an awesome birthday and a great time in Perth - please keep us updated while you are away.

I wish we lived closer. Would love to get to know you better.
So happy for you!
But so sad that you and the Mister will have Xmas, NYE etc.. apart (We will have Xmas part too)
Can't wait to hear more about your impending parenthood. All the good, bad and in between.
If you are ever close to Sydney please let me know (we could meet-kind of feeling stalkerish now). A close encounter could be possible? You and your Mister sound just like US (me and my Mr.)
How funny that you could be so excited for what is basically a strangers baby!
Sending all my love! And my Misters love! (he knows about you! But still doesn't know about my blog!)
xoxo (too old for Gossip Girl - But love it all the same!)

Desert lady, you look amazing. What a thrilling, crazy and exciting time for you!

Cutest preggo lady ever! It has been too long since I read your blog. Stoopid work.

Very exciting! Trust me...you won't miss work!

How funny that I had the same 'work outfit'! I definitely don't miss the steel cap boots!

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