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07 December 2010


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You look gorgeous! My belly is hanging a lot lower. I went to the ob the other day and he told me my bub was frank posterior and that if it doesn't turn, I will have to have a c-section :(. I found a site called spinningbabies.com which gives you exercises to help turn the baby. Thought I might pass it along in case you need it. My ob said the exercises had been proven to improve the rate of turning. Have a great time in Perth. I go on maternity leave this Friday too!

oh god. I just clicked on the baby mapping link in your entry and realised it was spinning babies - pregnancy brain and blondness are powerful forces!!

Wow! Look at you!
you really dont look all that big at all.
Loving all the second had purchases!!!
Many many friends have the Mountain Buggy and swear by it.
(Had my second blood test thingy today - waiting to be told where I'm at cycle wise....)


Look at your beautiful belly! Second hand is fantastic, it makes so much more sense than new everything.

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