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02 December 2010


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I wish we weren't exchanging gifts this year! Our extended family is HUGE and I have so much shopping to do! Wouldn't be Xmas without a tree though.

My Mister and I will be spending CHristmas apart too. Well sort of.
We are flying to Melbourne to my family on Christmas Eve and then Mister flies home at 12pm on Christmas day. I have to suck it up this year because we have just had the last 3 Christmases together with my family.
He kind of thinks he should try to do the right thing and see his.
And here is 3 cheers to the Ashes from me! I just might even think about going...

you should totally go to the Ashes if you can.. hopefully the next test will go a bit better than this one is shaping up!

Sad that you and your Mr have to spend Chrissy apart because of family dramas :(

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