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27 January 2011


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Oh you poor love in this heat and still no baby!
I have my fingers crossed for you that as I am writing this your in labour and little skellie is on it's way...


What's your favourite Indian? I love Anghiti in Innaloo but now that we're SoR it's too far away :(

Come on Skellie time to make your debut!

Ahah love it...lots of walking and Indian...slow and steady wins the race, you'll get there!

Good luck with tomorrow! I had my doctor checkup booked the next day and I was already in labour!

Sending you labour vibes!!

I hope all is well with Skellie. It's funny but I've been on the edge of my seat thinking that you may have been in hospital! Good luck with the doc tomorrow - sending positive vibes from QLD!

Hope you're feeling okay, despite the waiting. If it helps at all my second was two weeks 4 days late, but came out perfect not "overcooked". Skellie just mustnt be finished with being in there just yet.
Great news about turning though, seems like things are starting to move along.

What is skellie doing in there?? Must think its pretty good to stay so long!! Hope the curry moves things along!
Take care


Hey babe

Just checking have you entered my beauty giveaway that is on till 31 Jan? Please do!! The info is here

Hear from you soon


Come on skellie, we want to meet you!!

I am sure skellie is doing just find and all will happen as you want it to. I know nothing about babies, so stop me if I'm wrong, but maybe skellie is just super big and you're not as far along as you thought? (No? OK, I'll shut up now!). Jealous of your Indian food, I like that Mary's one in Subi.

Hmm... 2 days and no post?
Is anyone thinking what I'm thinking?
Maybe little skellie is here???

I have been blog stalking like no tomorrow!

Me too sammie I reckon Skellie has arrived! Hopefully into airconditioned comfort with this horrible heat we're having!

mmmm no posts has got me thinking the same thing - hope all is well with them!

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