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18 January 2011


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I looked at that pic of you and thought "Wow! She has dropped!" then read your comment below.
You still look bloody fantastic! Hopefully not long now.
They say that your first is normally the one that is overdue.
I hope not too overdue for you.

You're looking fantastic!Must be nice to have your husband back :) Good luck, I hope Skellie doesn't make you wait too long x

How gorgeous do you look?!

Good luck, all three of you.

Kisses xxx

You look beautiful!!

When I was at uni, my part-time job was a medical receptionist - it was a practice of GPs but a few of them (including the two practice owners) were GP/Obstetricians. And they all always said first babies are ALWAYS late. They would still go away on holidays when they had ladies due if it was a first baby, so confident were they that it would not arrive on time.

Sorry if that depresses you!! Hope your bub makes an appearance sooner rather than later.

Was the beach there closed cos of the shark? I heard Trigg was.

You look gorgeous :) The count down is definitely on!

Jess- We were at Cott.. don't think it was closed for Sharks. Not at the time we were there anyway! Eep

You are rocking that black bikini! You have definitely dropped and if you are spring cleaning (aka nesting) you should be due very soon.

I can't believe your baby is nearly here. BTW I've sent you and email...let me know if you didn't receive it...


Thanks Sass- it's my pre-preggo bikini and is bordering on a bit indecent but I refuse to wear my maternity speedos to the beach!

Yes I did get your email! Sorry it had just been ages since I checked- have sent your a reply xoxoxo

You look fantastic, not long to go now.

Wow, you look great!

Definitely one sexy mamma. Not long to go now, wishing you guys the best of luck!

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