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19 January 2011


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I'm not sure if I told you but my formula for getting baby moving on out was to go out for dinner and eat very spicy food followed by a long leisurely walk and then sex. It got them both on the move the following day, could be coincidence though.
Get as much sleep as you can before they come, and foot massages.

Bio oil is greasy but you have to really rub it in. I had a dirty big scar on my forehead from having a skin cancer cut out and put that on 3 times a day every day for three months and now you wouldn't know I had a scar there

You did well not to have many strechmarks. Most of them lighten and get smaller so don't worry...

Be sure to take raspberry tea with you during labour!

Good luck missy! Thinking of you and the boy x

Oh yes, I am in the same frame of mind. I am OVER it. Never understood why pregnant women said that before but now I do. Well done on not having any stretch marks.

Well, you might have yucky tea but at least you have one of those cute Penguin mugs. I am trying to see, is it Pride and Prejudice? I have no idea whether Bio Oil will work for stretch marks, but I can second JW's comment that it helps with scars. This has reminded me to get some more.

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