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24 January 2011


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Sounds like you had a much better midwife this time!

Posterior early on is very normal and the baby will usually turn, mine didn't in the 'timeframe' that the hospital allowed so had intervention. But the birth centre doesn't have such a short timeframes so you will be okay! Positive thoughts and trust your body. It has done an amazing job in 9 months and is well prepared ;-) x

I loved Sooty too!
Hopefully not long now.
So glad that you got a good midwife today that could answer your questions.
I hate it when you feel rushed and don't get time to get all the answers and leave feeling more confused than when you first entered.
Hope little Skellie is here with us sooner rather than later.

Those puppets crack me!

Good luck with everything I hope Skellie arrives soon :)

I love Sooty and Sweep, and Sue the panda.
hope things get going so you don't have to keep getting the s&s done. Glad you got a midwife who had a better bedside manner this time.

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