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11 February 2011


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That's a really nice gesture. I wonder if the old man kept this csrd for days wishing he would see a pregnant woman to give it to?

It's quite easy to forget the 'miracle' of pregnancy when you are feeling 'so over it'. Often you feel very miserable and alone (pregnancy hormones).

So it's nice to know that people out there do care and wish you well...

...especially including all those who hope to be pregnant soon... bam! That's me?!? Straight to my heart, completely unexpectedly. Instant tear in my eye. Didn't realise how affected I was until now...

Oh wow.
Tak about an emotional wreck.... Heres me, crying.... Not just a few tears....
A beautiful sentiment and very touching.

I'm in the athiest boat with you, but you'd have to be pretty cold for the sentiment to not be touching. It's a lovely keepsake for bay

Oh that's so very sweet.
I'm not a religious sort either but would have welcomed a card like this from a well-meaning stranger.
A nice keepsake for your daughter. And kind of you to 'pass on'

I too am not into religious stuff at all, but that is a lovely and thoughtful gesture of that man. I have heard from friends with kids that, when you're pregnant, it is amazing how involved complete strangers want to be in it. (sometimes to a creepy extent, like just touching their stomach without asking ... or giving completely unsolicited advice)

Everybody welcomes & feels a part of the circle of life, I guess. It takes a village to raise a child, and all that ...

Very touching..I'm not an atheist but do cringe when people 'force' their ideas and beliefs onto others...but a pregnancy prayer on a card, that's great - mum's to be need all the help they can get!!

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