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07 February 2011


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Nice to have you back!
Glad to hear everything is going well with Bay.
I'm going to head over and read your birth story now.
Yay for the breastfeeding going well. I'm really glad for you.

I just read your birth story.
I have tears in my eyes. Happy ones.
Such an emotional beautiful story.
Congratulations on standing your ground and doing all that you did.
Well done you are going to be an amazing mother and you make the most fantastic family.
Much Love. xoxo

I'm happy to hear everything is going well for you, off to read your birth story xx

Wow, what a wonderful birth story, I was totally engrossed!! I love how you trusted yourself to know what is best for you and your child and held firm with the doctors, quite inspiring. Well done, sounds like you three are just made for each other :)

Beautiful story and what a wonderful time you must be having right now - enjoy it!

Congratulations again! I love your story, I too have tears in my eyes espec because I found out I will be doing it too in 9 months!Hope you are enjoying being a mummy!

Hooray for being out of hospital! So wonderful to hear that both of you girls are healthy and happy! Sal x

Hooray for being out of hospital!so wonderful to hear that both of you girls are healthy and happy! Sal x

Oh your story. So incredibly moving. Those photographs, to be cherished forever.

The most beautiful birth story I have read. You're already an amazing mum who is wonderfully strong in her instincts, Bay is a lucky girl.
You should be really proud of yourself, I know I'm proud of you which is kind of odd seeing we don't know each other in real life.
Glad you are getting the right amounts of support and space.

Wonderful story - thanks for sharing! Imagine how exahusted those women must be who are in labour for 36 hours or more.

Those photos are gorgeous; what a wonderful, special time for you all.

I can't believe a doctor told you that breast milk didn't have enough nutrients for Bay and that formula would be better. That is ridiculous!!

So happy to hear that everything went well and you are both doing fine. Your birth story was incredibly touching and it's so nice to hear an honest account of what its like. Enjoy your little Bay! Can't wait for more posts.

Oh my gosh, that third photo in your birth story almost made me cry instantly.

I'm glad everything worked out, she looks like such a healthy lil girl!

So glad everything is going well for your new little family and thanks for the birth story. Will be great for all of you to look back and the pictures are lovely. Thanks to for your kind words. I am not seeing the counseller again as he did not help but I am seeing my psych I have for 5 years tomorrow - I was meant to see her several weeks ago but it got cancelled due to the flood situation. She is great with listening & advice and I am sure she will help it all seem not so bleak. Talk soon


What a heart touching birth story. I'm so glad everything turned out beautifully and you had the natural birth you were after.

It's good to record every single detail about the birth as you reading it again will take you back (I know mine does) and Bay will appreciate it in the future.

I'm so proud that you were already acting on your maternal instincts and stood your ground. Unbelievable that the doctor was promoting formula over your colostrum which you were successfully producing. All I can say is, 'Welcome to motherhood', keep trusting your instincts for what is best for Bay.

Well done on the birth and being a mother!!!


What a fantastically told story. Bay is a very lucky little lady.

Congratulations once again!

Ditto getting teary at the 3rd photo! You looked wonderful.

Great story, made me think a lot. I loved that you trusted your instincts and it seems great.

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