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21 March 2011


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I've never been to a rodeo, it seems interesting.
Different things are a good perk to being away from the city.

Love the shots! They are brilliant!
Always good to try something new too!

My dad went to a rodeo out somewhere in regional WA last year. He thought his work had scheduled a charter bus from the town he was in to the rodeo site, but it was really late. Eventually a bus came by, and he flagged it down. They seemed a bit confused, but when he asked if they were going to the rodeo, and could he please get on the damn bus, they said okay. It took him a small way into the trip to work out he had not flagged down the work charter bus, but Shannon Noll's tour bus, also on the way to the rodeo *lol*

oooooh I would LOVE to go the rodeo, wear cowboy boots and say yeeeeeha!

way cool...see there are pro's to living in N Town!!

I've always wanted to go to a rodeo!!!

Looks like fun! So did you wear the cowboy boots you bought in the US last year?

BTW I've tagged you for fun - http://sassandspice.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/paper-and-pen/

Hope you and Bay are well!

Oh no I didnt even think to wear my cowboy boots! Dammit! haha

thanks for the tag, I will get straight on it

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