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08 April 2011


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Well firstly as I started reading your post I started to feel the baby move!
She/he must like you!
Love some of those shots! Especially the bed and the duvet cover! Looks lovely and right where you want to be when the weather is a little cooler...
I love to cosy up on a cooler day and it's nice to breath in the cooler air and fill your lungs.
Enjoy the jeans and the walk today!

I'm loving the cooler weather too as I'm sick of wearing shorts too.

Sammie - the duvet cover is from urban outfitters btw :-)

Love the elephant - its my fave! oh and considering its Friday - the sparkly dress rates up there too

That elephant pic is fantastic! I love elephants so much.

Love all the grey, ive been really liking the colour in the weather. All i need to see now are the autumn leaves turning and it will be my favorite time of year.

You have an amazing blog.
The images selected for this post passed in my eyes like a small video with tones of sounds and smells!!

Amazing, congrats!


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