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17 June 2011


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You should check out nailsupplies.us they have a sale atm, $4 Essies!!

Love the nail polish! I am a big fan of pink so I am totally with you here! Although, my pink fleece rug has ended up acting as Dan's seat cushion folded up in a nice little square...

Now I want fairy floss and a cupcake!
I can not paint my own nails to save myself!
Your look great!!!
And all girls need a bit of pink!
I have a strong pull towards hot/fucshia pink for some crazy reason??? That's why my sister must have ended up in that colour as her bridesmaids dress for our wedding...

I'm not a huge pink person, but it does look great especially in grey weather.
I lean to reds usually in winter, but I'm loving sunshiney yellows right now.

Ha - when my brother was a baby, everyone would stop my mother on the street and say,
"oh, what a pretty baby! What's her name?"
This despite Mum dressing him in brown & blue.

The pink definitely brightens up winter! The nail polish does remind me of my madonna-inspired, mis-matched fluro socks & lots of plastic bangles phase though.

Good on you with the nails and nail polish. I have been biting mine again - can't believe it, so annoyed with myself.

Love it! I want to dye my hair hot pink now ;)

Wowo good job on the mani with a $2 nail polish - love it!

yeah Tallulah gets the boy thing all the time but whatevs! I like to dress her red/navy and that seems to bring out the boy comments. Though the other day she was wearing a rather girl pink floral number and someone asked how old my little boy was...haha

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