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20 July 2011


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LOVE the Olivia look, the green shoes really do it for me! I'm not a big fan of the hair dresser either but have gone more since I was pregnant, had bubba since ever before. Mainly because my hair changed colour (from blonde to brown/ red) due to pregnancy and now my hairline is changing too...I have this full on monk like fringe of about 2 centimetres poking out from my hairline...so weird!!

The pink jacket worn by Olivia is apparently from Zara and the same one as Pippa Middleton has worn but her version was blue.

Geez I really need to get my hair cut too but it's too hard trying to organise a sitter for Lily - but I miss reading those celeb magazines LOL!

(he he! Non baby related post!)
I am not a huge fan of the hairdresser, I too just want to get out of there and want them to hurry up!!!
I'm guessing this will change once Buggy comes along though.

Love the shirt dress on Cameron, something like that would be great for feeding and still looking nice.

i looooove going to hairdresser especially if they give a job head massage and have massage chairs haha! We need a pic of your new do!

ahhhhh that reads dodgy!!! job is suppose be good? hahahaha oh gawd I am blushing!

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