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15 July 2011


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oh i LOVE kmart and target. all of my clothes are a mix of op shop and those 2. you just can't beat em! spesh not for kiddy clothes! hahahha go you for proudly matching :) i felt embarassed when i realised we were accidentally matching. maybe i need to get bolshy about it!
happy friday!!!!

Bay's getting so big! Love her expression in that last photo - too cute :)

tee hee this is so cute! Ross and Tallulah always seem to leave the house in matching outfits...I'm not sure how it happens haha!


Love it!! Love target especially those baby skinny jeans (particularly when they have the $2 special on them!) Bay looks like the perfect combination of you and your mr. am very encouraged to go loud and proud with our matching shoes now:)


My Mum knitted me, my sister and herself huge colourful rainbow jumpers for our trip around Australia. Thankfully it was the 80s!

Bay has the cutest expressions!!! It looks like she has a great sense of humour already!

BTW you are looking fantastic!

You can get away with matching outfits, you both look so cute.

Hehe! Too cute! You look like you're both having fun here :-)

Sal x

Matchy matchy is good! And so are Kmart and Target. It's amazing what you can find there, when they're the only places you have.

Too cute. Lalie and I wear our tan leather shoes everywhere! If you're going to carry them around all day - they should at least match your outfit! xx

Haha, that's so cute!

But really ... how skinny can skinny jeans be when you wear a nappy, I wonder?

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