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23 July 2011


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How on earth can necklaces emphasise the size of your ears? I think the keys are really sweet.

I know it sounds weird, but surely it can't just be me who has noticed this..??
I'm not sure why it is.. maybe because when you have a pendant or around your neck it forms a triangle with your ears..
Or perhaps the eye is drawn upwards along the necklace towards your ears?!
Whatever the reason, wearing earrings AND a necklace at the same time makes the effect especially noticable!

However, earrings worn on their own have the opposite effect- IMO the bigger the earrings, the smaller your ears look!

Obviously if you have nice small ears that sit flat none of this would be an issue!

Haha oh dear I sound really neurotic now don't I?

Love that you had "project wearing necklace week" - too cute:) love them all but the red top is the winner. Your hair colour looks awesome too!

Love the necklaces. Also you don't have big ears! Maybe if you had Gillards' earlobes you'd need to worry, and you definitely don't!

I especially love your 30th birthday necklace -- that is so cool! Wear necklaces if you can! I can't as I have a pretty bad neck and carry tension in my shoulders -- desk jobs are no good for the upper body...

that lady necklace is ah-mazing! I love wearing jewellery especially necklaces!
p.s pretty sure you don't have big ears!

Isn't it funny how a necklace can change an outfit!
I have a few but hardly ever wear them. I should. At the moment I tend to choose a scarf instead.

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