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27 September 2011


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Wish I could have pulled off the white dress - pregnant look... Would never have happened!
I haven't watched the Brownlow in years! Must be what happens when one moves from Melbourne to Sydney...
I will be in Melbourne for the GF on the weekend though!!!
Looking forward to some good football!!! Not like the NRL crap they watch here...

after the arrivals it's pretty boring viewing just listening to the count!
I'm looking forward to GF too.. will be cheering for Geelong!

Oh darn I missed it! I don't like Geelong or the Magpies but will rather the Cats win..

Sammie - I've had to watch soccer (but I have to call it 'football') and the Rugby World Cup - too much to watch especially when I watch AFL as well...I won't be able to handle watching NRL as well.

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