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02 October 2011


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Wow I'm happy to hear that the meeting went really well! It's scary though thinking about putting Bay in childcare right? But the childcare rebate/benefit is a good incentive and I'm sure she is going to really enjoy it - as Lily absolutely loves her time there.

I can't give advice on whether to choose to do 4 straight days as I didn't really have a choice as it had to do with which days childcare could deal with (they get filled up pretty quick) so I'm doing 3 days straight. I think it makes it easier for work as I'm not telling people that I'm not working the next day or setting my out of office reply on outlook more than once a week etc.

As Bay will be 9 months, take into account that she will be experiencing separation anxiety so take up the offer of the 'orientation' where you spend an hour or so for a couple of days before she actually starts. This will make her more comfortable with her surroundings and get to know her carers.

I was really sad at the thought of sending Lily to childcare but now after seeing how much she enjoys it, I really think it is good for her. She is more social with other kids and gets to do all sort of activities which I won't even dare to do with her at home (e.g. finger painting).

So even though it's going to be hard adjusting to being back to work and missing Bay, just think about Bay meeting lots of friends and learning lots and hopefully that will make the adjustment a bit easier. Treasure the days off with her as well. Good luck x

So glad it worked out, such a stressful thing to have to negotiate. I can't give advice on days from experience but seeing you would still get a weekend I would split and have Wednesday off. I think it would help you keep on top of things at home and be easier to keep your workload flowing at work. I'm sure Bay will have a great time in child care, I went back when my two were six months old and it was much harder on me than them.

Thanks Girls! I really appreciate your comments. I'm surprised at how apprehensive I feel about the whole daycare thing.

Bay is a social butterfly (sometimes I feel like Mummy who?)so I'm hopeful she will love daycare and it's only me who will feel traumatised! I hadn't considered separation anxiety, no signs of that (yet!).. but I will take up any orientation programs they offer.

I will keep thinking about the best way to work the days- thanks for sharing your thoughts, you've raised good points!

I don't have any advice, but I did just want to say congratulations on negotiating a roster that works for your family! It's so great that you get to keep the house. x

Well done - always nice to hear a company is accommodating for working mums.

I'd be tempted to split the day care but I guess it depends if that makes it easier for you or not for work to have a break in the week.

With Bay at 9 months old she will hopefully be nicely settled in before she really gets separation anxiety which is usually around 18 months but I'm sure its different for every child. Plus with her going more than one day a week she'll get into the routine petty quickly.

What are the day care options like up there?

Well done you! High fives for negotiating with the big guns and winning.

Hooray and congrats!

I really have no useful advice on this childcare topic though. I am not a mother yet.
I guess for every mother it feels difficult to to give your baby away for a few days, but you will find a good place where they will take good care of her. Maybe they will be able to give some advice based on their experience?

Best of luck!

thanks for all the high 5s and congrats! I am relieved beyond measure!

Jaynie- thanks for stopping by! I hope you are right re: the separation anxiety

There are 2 Daycare Centres up here and there is a Family Daycare but it only does half days. The Daycare she will be going to is quite new and is big but has lots of vacancies so I should be able to puther in whichever days I decide to do.

Liv- good idea tosee what the Daycare Centre advises, they are the experts after all.

No advice but so happy for a good outcome. Being in HR its nice to hear a good story and that they are being accommodating for you, I'd be very disappointed if they weren't!

So happy that weight has been lifted of your shoulders and that you get to keep the house. I can't even imagine how much that must have been on your mind.

I have been wanting to come over and comment on this post for such a long time... But I wanted to take the time to read it properly again and take the time to reply.
Finally I have some time!!!
Firstly, well done on the negotiation and the 4 day week! (And week days too!) I totally feel your pain about the no grandparents/family around to help with child minding. I will be in exactly the same boat.
I personally would want to get 4 days over and done with for you and for Bay.
Monday to Thursday would be what I would choose if I have the option.
When I go back to work (quite sure I will be) I am going to find Child Care one of the hardest things to even get a place in! I wont have the supposed luxury that you seem to have!
Having a 3 day weekend would to me seem like the best choice, but maybe what you could do is trial it one way and if it doesn't work go back to your manager and HR and trial different days?
I agree with Sass and Spices idea of going and doing the orientation too.

Good on you for making a change in the right direction for other females heading back to work in a male dominated industry too!!!

Sorry, that was really just a mish mash of what I was trying to say, but didn't realyl come out right... blaming the lack of sleep.

Good luck whatever you choose and it's going to be great to hear how it all goes too.
Not long now really is there... Enjoy all the extra special and precious moments with Bay before heading back to work.


Jess- I remembered that you were in HR! I have to say this has been my first positive experience with this department and I have vowed never to say a bad word about HR ever again!

Sammie- thanks for your thoughtful comment.. The whole going back to work thing has really crept up on me.. when we first had her it felt like it was so far in the future I didnt think it would ever come around.. but sure enough time has flown and the party is over :-(
Yeah the daycare vacancies is one perk of small town living.. Some of my Perth friends have booked their babies into daycare before they were even born! It's nice having the luxury to chose my days. My work is also quite flexible in that regard so think it will be possible to swap my days around down the track if I feel whatever arrangement we go with isn't working

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