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05 November 2011


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Well done on being so strong.
As much as I say I 'would like' to go back to work I'm sure I will hate it and mainly hate leaving Abi.
We parted ways for just over an hour for the first time yesterday when hubby took her to his parents.
I cried. But I think I hated it more because of where she was going than her being without me.
Good girl slept about 40 mins of the time though apprently.
Maybe use you drive to work to fantasize about where you will holiday and what you will do!

Congratulations on surviving the first week of work! It's good knowing that Bay is enjoying herself so you don't have to worry about her constantly at work.

Ahh yes Iron Ore. That is what I spend 3 days a week 'thinking' about too.

Yay! So glad the first week went well.

When I was finishing up everyone kept saying they might not be there on my return...it was weird because I always assumed it would be me 'maybe' not coming back! Good to know your workplace still has the same feel though.

Glad to hear the first week went well! Let's hope it stays that way! I totally agree, having things to look forward to helps the motivation/work ratio!
Sal x

So glad the first week went well. You're doing a great job.

so happy to hear you both survived the 1st week! i'm sure it will get easier with each passing day. she'll be a happy little baby spending time with all those other kids.

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