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19 November 2011


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oh shit...I've been wondering how you and Bay have been going with daycare and the work front. Hope it gets better soon.xxx

I'm sorry. It's so hard not being able to have a large extended family to help out. Wish we were closer I'd love to have Bay to play with Evie!

It really does suck when they turn to see you leave and then you hear that big loud wail.

Hopefully it gets better soon. I find that Lily doesn't cry anymore (they distract her with toys) and she enjoys the time playing with other kids. Makes me feel less guilty when I know she is having fun *hugs*


My sympathies. I can't begin to imagine how hard it is! At least those hugs at the end of the day are extra, extra special xx

oh it sounds tough. I'm sure it will only get easier with time. Such a huge adjustment.

I hope work settles down for you x

Oh no! It sounds very difficult.
Being a mum to a baby is already a full time job and then getting double the amount of work in your part time hours doesn't help.
Sending you hugs and hope it will get easier.

Ah yes... The part timer... We were talking about this in my mothers group the other day.
First 2 mums are planned and sorted to head back in Feb.
I'm off to a work conference in Dec to catch up on the goings on and to also have the 'chat' with my bosses about what I would like to do and what they would like me to do...

Aaaah... it's hard. Friends from my mother's group had to be back to work too and they all found it pretty tough. Hope it gets easier with time...
Ronnie xo
(p.s. First time visiting here!)

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