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08 January 2012


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Oooooh! Good game!

I would:
- Quit my job and travel the world
- Live in/have a beautiful beach house
- Build a beautiful home with my dream kitchen
- Entertain a lot

You know, whenever I play this game, I get stuck thinking about what I'd actually "do" for the rest of my life. You know, what my passion is? I'm not sure I have a real answer for that. Hmmmm, food for thought I guess :)

Excellent... Hope there are a few winners for you here!

I think I'd do a spot of travelling for a while and buy a few houses along the way so we could live in various parts of the world all year round. And I would have at least three bambinos while working on my Italian culinary skills. Hmmm... work doesn't seem to be factoring in here but that's cool with me ;-)

Ohh! Good luck! I hope you win!
Can I be classed as a friend and use your holiday house too!!!

I'd also quit work/not go back.
Get my husband to either quit (depending on how much we won) or to take a lesser paying job so we could spend more time as a family (and use your holidays house ;-)
And I'd send him on another Porsche trip because I know how much he wants to go again.
Buy a bigger house where we currently live, and a small home in Melbourne too! (so I could go and visit my family whenever I wanted.
For me I'd just get my hair done whenever I could and get mani's and pedi's all the time too!

lovvvvve these games!

1. Build my dream house
2. Get a personal chef & personal trainer
3. Travel the world in first class
4.go shopping! hurrah!

not asking much really?! haha I know I could spend my fortune in a minute!

I love these imaginary games and of course hope your(and my) wishes come true.

1. Build a home
2. Travel, travel, travel
3. Make sure the kids are set up to follow their dreams

Unrelated: I see that we may be getting up to 100mm of rain in the next few days, and you guys are in for something like 400mm. I hope this gives you time off work, and that you stay dry. Keep us updated!


i would...

1. buy a private jet to travel the world and also to transport my out-of-town family to visit whenever they (or i!) wanted.
2. pay my sister-in-law's salary so she could quit her job and be a stay at home mom with me.
3. go back to school for some impractical, but interesting, degree.

I'm assuming that you haven't posted again because you had a winner?? ;)

I would:

1) Travel the world
2) Buy holiday homes in Europe for my parents
3) Donate to Princess Margaret Hospital

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