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17 March 2012


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I hope you make it through the cyclone safe and sound. Earlier in the week we were all hoping it would go further West and give us some excitement down here, but now that it's a Cat 4, I'm pleased that it didn't get to us! I think it's safe to say that hubby will be at home tomorrow, you'll probably still be on code red. Enjoy the time together!

Is there anything sweeter than a baby in corduroy? I think not!

Love, love, love cords and on Bay even more so. Its awesome that you're doing your gemology studies again, i hope you get some joy from it even though it must be stressful to pack it in with everything else. Its great that the business is doingso well, hopefully he can take some weekends off soon. Stay safe!

Sounds like life is going great for you guys :) good luck with the cyclone! Bay is such a cutie.

Wow! What an update. I hope this wild weather bypasses you for the most part - what a crazy few weeks it's been around the place with rain and floods.

On other fronts, your household sounds crazy busy this year! Good luck with the gemology course - I'm sure you'll do well!

Stay safe!! x

congrats to bay on walking! sounds like great things are happening for your family.

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