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09 May 2012


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How lovely that you get photo updates of Bay during the day! I'm glad to hear that she's loving day care now, those three months of tears must have been awful :(

Bay is such a little girl now, starting to look more like a little person and not a little baby :)

That's so great, I love crazy daisy the best. She's growing up too quick, it makes me happy that she's growing up so full of personality but sad that it's just too quick.

I love that day care centers do this now!
When I worked with a girl who's little boy was in DC she always was so excited to receive these emails. (i loved checking them out too!)
Glad to hear that Bay has settled in and enjoying it now.

She is such a happy little person! And what a lucky girl getting her mum's beautiful blue eyes! x

It was quite emotional for me when Lily left the baby room as well but the toys and activities in the new room suit her better. You go through up and downs with the daycare drop off but Bay certainly looks like she is having fun with her friends!

It's amazing that they email you pics during the day. Sounds like you have found a great place.
That peekaboo pic is incredibly cute.

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