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24 May 2012


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I like Nicole. I think it's sad that she doesn't see her other 2 kids much. I would hate it if I didn't see my children very much.
I'm not sure how I feel about that Time cover? I don't have a problem with it, but I don't want it in my face either.
If a woman chooses to feed her child into their toddler years then thats her decision. It doesn't seem to be very accepted in todays society and personally I wouldn't do it.
I first set a 6 month BF'ing limit, then 9. Well we are still going and although I say 10 months I think it will be 12 mths. Or until the nipple biting starts...
I don't have an issue with formula, but if I can get by without having to give Abi formula then I will (that makes me happy)
She seems to be a 'young' baby so I think she still needs me and the feeding, but who knows when and how quickly that could change.
ps. hows work going? And your study?

I think I'm on the same page as you with Nicole Kidman. There's something about her that is irritating to me.

As for Time magazine, I'm always surprised by the opinionated tone of that publication. I suppose making things controversial sells more but really, why can't they be good journalists and report on both sides of the argument?

Sal x

I love the pic up there. I also love the Time cover, I hate the title for the article but really you can't expect much more from someone trying to move magazines.
I'll be feeding until Eve chooses to wean, I supplement as my supply took a dive due to stress but I see that as no reason in my case to stop. If I was working I'm sure that I would have stopped already and moved on to full formula feeds. It's such a hard road that it would be good if more of us could live and let live with breastfeeding and parenting in general.

I used to like Nicole too. Well I don't hate her or anything but her face does seem to look frozen. Love that magazine cover though.

As with the Time magazine, I really didn't like the title either and felt it took away from what attachment parenting is all about.

You did so well with breastfeeding! Lily weaned herself so early (in my opinion) and at 15 months she self-weaned from cow's milk too. She just isn't into milk!

I love the pic of Nicole. I think it is a beautiful shot but not a great fan of Nicole. Mind you I have never met her so could love her in real life. Haven't read the TIME article but like you, thought the title was needlessly pitching women and against women. I think the image was going to be provocative enough without a title like that. Have no problem with the image itself. I think most mums try to do what is best for the kiddo and if their kid loves to breastfeed and gets lots of comfort and you are ok with it, why stop? I would love to wean miss s. She is almost 16 months now. I'm a bit over it all and would like to get on some medication for migraines which I can't take whilst bfeeding her. I don't think I am going to be able to get her off for a while tho'. We got down to one per 24 hours but she is demanding a lot lately. Very hard to say no to her but it is driving me a little crazy.

I really disliked Nicole many years ago, but I have to say that since her break with Tom I really like her. I loved her in Australia (although I'm aware most people hated it). The mag cover is just gorgeous and serene.

Love the TIME cover. I think its great that it has started a dialogue about parenting, but I really dislike the vitirol and judgement that comes out in this subject. If someone decides to breastfeed their child till x age what impact does it have on others? None. I also dislike that a conversation about attachment parenting seems to have revolved solely around the BF age issue.

Anyways, as a newly pregnant chick I'm wondering if you'd be interested in just doing a post on books and other things you found invaluable in pregnancy and child rearing? I really admire the style of parenting that you communicate and would love to have a bit more info from you.


I love that cover but am not a fan of Nicole Kidman at all.
But this is just a beautiful photograph.

KJ- Congrats on your pregnancy!! Yes I do have a few recs and will do a post on my favourite books shortly! Thanks for your compliment!

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