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23 September 2012


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Can't wait to hear more about all of your exciting stuff (especially the house and pet buying!)xxx

Gosh it sounds like you've been busy! Can't wait to hear about it and good luck with your exams x

Funny how life can suddenly become chaotic! I hope you pass your exams with flying colours! Looking forward to hearing more about life soon xx

I totally get it. Life is manic right now.
Some interesting things going on there!
Hopefully you can fill us in soon!

Can't wait to hear. I hope the fraud wasnt huge, even though any is such a terrible invasion.

So exciting. Now go kick those exams in the butt because I want all the goss xoxo

I was wondering where you had gone off too. I'm glad that you are back again as I was getting Desert Darling withdrawal symptoms. I love your new hairstyle btw and how it's longer in the front and a bit wavy too.

Wow you have been busy...I hope the fraud wasn't anything too bad? Anyway good luck with your exams, I'm sure you will do well x

Hi Emmie,

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your lovely comments. I have found writing about our loss to be part of grieving and healing for me and I'm glad that I have shared our story.

Looking forward to hearing more from your part of the world soon,
Sal x

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