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11 May 2013


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This has happened SO MANY times to me and it sucks. I have even hidden around corners trying to avoid people when I'm not looking my best. You'd think I'd learn to make sure I looked ok before I left the house but it never happens.
Also if it's any consolation I know you're gorgeous even on a low self maintenance day and I bet your lovely husband is way hotter than that guy anyway so you still win.

I just can't make myself look stylish :(

Thankfully I have no exes but I did fall flat on my arse in front of a couple of ex friends!

I've had this happen to me when I'm sick and then everyone from my high school rival to ex bf happen to be out and about on that day as well. Grr!!!

I'm not sure what it is exactly but with me I think looking good proves you are happier than you were before?

I tend to wear sunglasses if I haven't bothered with eye makeup - damn those dark eye-circles!

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