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17 September 2013


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That dress is gorgeous, I hope Bay has a fantastic time!

Abs got this dress as a birthday gift! But a mint green skirt. This twirls saying her version of 'Angelina!' For Angelina Ballerina in it!
Adorable and such cute litte dresses!!!

Love love love the dresses. Lillibet is going to her first wedding - my brother's - in November, but it just wouldn't look as amazing on a pre-walker. Bay will look amazing!

How adorable! Gosh can't wait to see your sister's dress if the flower girls are that awesome!
Have a great weekend xoxo

The dress is cute and I'm sure Bay will be a terrific flower girl. Lily was only 17 months when she was a flower girl and it was a major FAIL! Koh Samui was soo hot and she just threw a crying fit an didn't make it down the aisle!

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