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25 January 2014


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Good for you! You'll be an amazing teacher!

Good on you! I started study last year too but just doing one unit a term for this year as i need to see how it goes with having 2 kids.

Wow Emmie! This is exciting! After finishing uni (in my early 20's) I thought that I would return once I had kids and they were still small as I did love studying.

But now I'm not too bothered as I have two degrees already and I'm not sure if masters will really help me that much more in WA. Good on you for getting out of the mining industry - I totally understand what you mean. Funny when we choose our careers that we don't think about what would it be like when we become mothers...but I guess at that age we wouldn't have listened anyway!

Good luck! You are one amazing lady & if anyone can do it you can. It'll be a crazy ride, something that I'm considering later on down the track too!

Hello darling, for some reason I've only just realised that some of my comments are not actually posting. In any case, congratulations!!! I'm in Education myself and taught at a few of the local unis in this area so let me know if I can be of any help xxx

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