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03 April 2014


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Don't I know it!
I have actually had go defer.
With Lachie coming a month early and then being in hospital so much I just haven't been able to do it (& I was only doing one unit at a time!)
I hope to get back into it soon but isn't it just such a juggling act.

Hang in there! You're doing a great job :)

I hear you!
I'm so glad to hear you've got support so hard with it would be absolutely impossible without it!
So proud of you pushing on and getting it done!

Sammie I think you have every reason to defer and have a little break, you guys have so much going on already!

Hurrah for support! I'm so proud of you but understand how tough it must be!

We definitely have to catch up when you're next back in town xoxo

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