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30 March 2015


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So good to hear from you. These posts always make me amazed at how fast time is flying, from when we were planning our weddings to two kids later.
I hope you figure out where you want to be but for now looks like everything is going amazing xoxo

Gosh Bay and Ivo are so big now! Lily is really loving Kindy too. I'm really liking the structure a lot better than daycare.

I feel the same about staying her in Perth. DH is keen to go back to England for 2 years as his parents are older than mine and he wants our kids to spend time with their cousins (they don't have any yet as my sisters won't be having kids anytime soon). Also the market has picked up there and dropped here (as you know) so I'm having mixed feelings. As we just moved into a nice new home we built but don't want to be coasting but scared are we putting ourselves at risk with such a huge change.

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