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03 May 2015


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YAAAAY!!!!! Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news. You look as gorgeous as always. How lucky are your kiddos to get another sibling!! Hope you get a lovely foot massage soon. xx

Oh My God!
Congratulations lovely that is so awesome!

Was so excited to hear this on FB!
The Birth Centre has changed now to just 1 midwife are you thinking of going elsewhere now? By the sounds of things avoid Fiona Stanley at all costs but then again everyone has bad things to say about every hospital.
If you are back in Perth at some point we have to catch up! Logan saw this photo on FB and thought it was our family hahaha whilst I would love a 3rd bubba I don't think it's on the cards for us.
Also I am looking forward to finding out bub's name in September you guys have the naming super power. xoxo

yayyyyy you guys are busy. congrats xxx

Congratulations! That is wonderful news x

Oh my goodness!! Congratulations, Em! Such exciting news for you all. Can't wait to hear Moore from you on being a family of five... It's still my dream number. I bet the kids are excited about having a sister or brother very soon!

I've been completely MIA from the blogging world but hoping to figure out a way to start writing soon - I have so many big life changes to share... Sitting on the lounge breastfeeding our three week old son at the moment! Life is just amazing

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